Walk and Talk Therapy

I am a fully trained Walk and Talk therapist which means that you can choose to have your counselling sessions outside if you prefer. For some clients, being enclosed in an office space can feel uncomfortable and intense. Walking side-by-side can seem less formal and, research has shown that, combining nature and movement increases well-being, lowers anxiety and stress levels and increases confidence and self-esteem.

After an initial assessment indoors, we will discuss important safety and confidentiality aspects linked to outdoor working. If you would like to go ahead with some Walk and Talk therapy, we will plan to meet for our next session outside my office and walk in the surrounding areas for 50 minutes. The sessions will be geared to your needs and pace and often include an element of choice to build up your confidence with decision-making. You might want to walk or sit on a bench as you observe and immerse yourself in the natural world around you. Walk and Talk therapy will often use nature as a metaphor for our inner worlds and can reveal important and profound information about ourselves; it can even speed up the therapeutic process.

Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather with comfortable shoes.